About Us.

Flour. Water. Salt.
These 3 ingredients alone, in the right hands have the power to sustain life.
Bread has the power to end war and famine, the power to move us, to show love and unite us, to heal and sustain us.
The ability to feed others is a gift handed down through generations. Families have been making bread since 8000BC and we are now one of the families continuing that legacy. We bake as an expression of love and a desire to watch others enjoy what we have created.
We are constantly creating and exploring the vast and ample world of baking. We extend ourselves in baking bread, pastries, desserts, cookies and cakes. Making these products with quality locally sourced and/or New Zealand grown and produced products is something we are deeply passionate about. Supporting our community and country is our responsibility and our joy.
We love serving our community. We will continue passing down our artisanal knowledge and food for generations to come so please follow, contact or visit us to be part of one of the oldest life sustaining practises in the history of us.