Out Catering Menu - Groups & Meetings

Our Out Catering menu is the perfect option for small groups or meetings.  Pick and choose from our extensive range of hot, cold, sweet and savoury selections.  We also provide options for special dietary requirements. 


Don't see what you're looking for?  See our Corporate and Function Catering page for larger groups or get in touch to discuss a custom menu and quotation.


Hot Options

  • Small gourmet savories $2.50
    • Garlic Chicken and Mushroom,
    • Bacon and Egg
    Note: Minimum of 6 when ordering gourmet savories.
  • Mince and Cheese and Mince and Potato Top Savories $2.30
  • Bacon and Egg fingers $ 2.50
  • Cocktail Sausage Rolls $2.20
  • Creamy Seafood Vol au vents $3.30
  • Chicken Feta and Spinach cocktail pastry rolls $2.60
  • Samosa Cigars- an Indian inspired vegetarian option made with Filo
  • Panko Crumb Chicken Dippers with Satay Sauce 2 for $2.50
    * Minimum 10
  • Family Sized Quiche- Spinach Feta and Caramelized Onion or Bacon
    and Pineapple
    $11.50 serves 8
  • Spicy Kumara and Cashew and Coriander Fritters served with Garlic
    Aioli and Chutney
    $2.70 *Note Minimum of 10
  • Satay Chicken Kebab Sticks $3.50 * Note minimum of 10
  • A Large Ham Cheese and Tomato Croissant served warm $8.50 per person
  • A Large Egg Bacon Tomato and Hollandaise Croissant served warm $8.50 per person

Cold Options

  • Traditional Club Sandwiches- with assorted meats and chutneys options $2.40 *Minimum of 4
  • Chick Apricot and Pine nut Rolls $2.70
  • Teriyaki Chicken and Salmon Sushi $2.50 Note* Minimum of 5
  • Crostini $2.70 *Minimum of 10
    • Salmon Cream Cheeses and Wasabi Mayo
    • Shaved Beef with Caramelized onion Gherkin Cream cheese
    • Cream Cheese and Sundried Tomato with Pesto and whipped Feta Cream
  • Mini Wraps $3.50 *Minimum of 6
    • Range of Chicken, Ham and Roast beef with Salad
    • Vegetarian with Hummus Feta Beetroot Chutney and Salad Greens
  • Shrimp or Chicken Rice Paper Rolls $3.30 * Minimum of 10
  • Mini Ciabatta Pockets $5.20 * minimum of 6
    • Salmon and Cream Cheese with Salad greens
    • Shaved Beef n Beetroot or Roast Chicken with salad greens
    • Hummus Feta Beetroot Chutney and salad greens
    • Petite Panko Crumbed Chicken Sliders
    • Smoked Salmon and cream Cheese Sliders
  • Shaved Beef n Beetroot Relish Salad Bread Sticks $4.60
  • Chicken and Sweet Chilly Philly Salad Breadsticks $4.60

Vegetarian Options

*Note some things do contain eggs and dairy so please specify if this is an issue.

  • Cream Cheese, Chutney and Garden Salad wraps $3.50
  • Cream Cheese and Asparagus on Brown Bread Rolls $2.30
  • Vegetarian Club Sandwiches $2.40
  • Roasted Vegetable and Feta Frittata with salad $8.50 * Gluten Free
  • Spicy Kumara and Cashew and Coriander Fritters served with Garlic Aioli and chutney $2.60 * Minimum of 10 * Gluten Free
  • Samosa Cigars an Indian inspired vegetarian option made with Filo Pastry $2.60

Sweet Treats

  • Fresh Fruit n Mallow Kebabs $3.00
  • Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Éclairs filled with Orange Custard Cream $3.00
  • Mini bomboloni fresh cream donuts $2.80
  • Gluten Free Slice of the Day $4.50 * ask the team about flavors
  • Pantry d’Or cupcake of the day $4.50 * ask the team about flavors
  • Continental Custard Slice Bites $2.30
  • Sinfully Wicked Deluxe Caramel Bites $2.30
  • Double Chocolate Brownie Bites $2.30
  • Gingerbread or Cinnamon Fruit Loaf Sliced and Buttered $13.00
  • Blueberry and White Chocolate or a Date and Orange full Scone with fresh cream $3.50 large or $3.00 small *minimum of 8
  • Small Afghan Cookies $3.00
  • Apple Shortcake Slice Bites $2.20
  • Melting Moment Cookies $3.80
  • Small Banana and Chocolate Chip or Blueberry Muffins $3.00
    *minimum of 8

Note: Our in-store cake slice range can be served halved as a small-sized portion. We frequently change our range of sweet treats. Please stipulate if you require certain slices or alternately we will supply a mixture for you.


Take-Out Lunches:

All of our take-out lunchboxes are bagged for convenience


Option 1 - $15.00 per head

  • Large Ciabatta Pocket filled with Assorted Meats Chutneys and Salad greens
  • Small Bottled Water
  • Serving of Seasonal Fruit
  • Deluxe Caramel Slice


Option 2 - $15.00 per head

  • Mega seed Sandwich filled with choice of:
    • A Mega seed Ham Cheese and Chutney Sandwich
    • Shaved Beef with beetroot chutney
    • Chicken, Avocado, Aioli and Salad
  • Small Bottle Water
  • Serving of Seasonal Fruit
  • Supersized Afghan Cookie


Option 3 - $15.00 per head

  • Chicken and Bacon Caesar Salad
  • Small Bottle Water
  • Serving of Seasonal Fruit
  • Melting Moment Cookie


Option 4 - *Gluten Free - $15.00 per head

  • Broccoli and Bacon Salad
  • Small Bottle Water
  • Gluten Free Slice of the day
  • Serving of Seasonal Fruit



Vietnamese Rice Roll Platter - $65.00 (Gluten Free)

  • 20 Healthy Chicken or Shrimp Rice paper rolls, served with a Chilli and Lime Dipping Sauce.


Italian Antipasto Platter - $60.00, Serves 12

  • Selection of cured meats, pickles and chutneys feta, sausage sliced baguette and crackers.


Fresh Fruit Kebab Platter - $46.50

  • 15 Seasonal fruit and marshmallow kebabs, served on stick


Petite Slider Platter - $60.00, Serves 12

  • Selection of Petite Panko Crumbed Chicken Sliders served with Avocado (seasonal) and smoked salmon and cream cheese sliders


Sandwich Platter - $67.50

  • Selection of 8 Mini Wraps, 8 Club Sandwiches, and 8 Chicken n' Pine Nut rolls


Cupcake Platter - $50 Serves 12

  • When you want to treat the team our cupcakes are the perfect crowd pleaser. Available in many flavors just ask the team


NOTE: For more platter options, please see our Corporate & Function Catering Menu.


Ordering Information

We reserve the right to provide substitutions at times due to the availability of ingredients’ however we will always endeavor to consult you first.

Paper plates and Serviettes can be provided for a small fee.

Our Out-catering will arrive either boxed or on disposable platters for your convenience. There is a small fee for our platters and this will be discussed with you when a quotation is prepared. Boxed orders do not incur a fee.

Free Delivery is available in Rotorua from Monday to Friday for all orders over $65.00. A fee of $6 is charged for orders under $65.00.

We will require a minimum of 24 – 48 hours notice for all orders. Orders must be received by 10am each day so we can collate and prepare your catering. Should the unexpected happen and you haven’t ordered the catering don’t panic! Phone us and we will do our very best to have some food ready in a hurry.

Our ultimate goal At Pantry d’Or Boutique Bakery is always to keep our valued clients happy with great quality food complimented with friendly and professional service.

To place an order or request a quote contact Loren or Cathie at 07 347 0231

Alternately, for all quotes or orders email us at orders@pantrydor.co.nz