Rotorua Boutique Bakery & Party Catering

Pantry d’Or is a boutique bakery providing a wholesome and healthy approach to baking. As a locally owned family business of many years (formerly Geyserland Bakery) Cathie and Loren and their creative team passionately strive to create wonderful handcrafted delicious baking. We use only consistently high quality raw ingredient mixed in with - love patience and care.


In 2014 a decision was made to create a more current baking experience that tailors to the changing tastes and dietary needs of our customers. We listened to our customers and decided that we needed to offer something different in a bakery.


Our pledge to quality and great service still remains the same as it was since 2001 when they purchased Geyserland Bakery.


Pantry d’Or boutique bakery offers Rotorua a fresher healthier and more chic approach to baking. Our range includes sweet treats, breads, pastries, salads, nutritious sandwiches and filled rolls and great coffee.
We provide a wonderful finger food out catering service for corporate clients, and any occasion where delicious finger food is required.


Pantry d’Or will provide an exceptionally good food complimented with a friendly customer service experience.


We are committed to an environmentally friendly approach the way we produce and package our baked treats.


Cathie’s children have grown up in the bakery family and are now part of the management team. Together as a family we are committed to further growth and development for future generations to come by putting the “B” back into Baking!


Pantry d’Or - live the sweet life